Command Line Flags

Flag Long option Description
-V --version Display version number and exit
-? --help Display this help and exit
-x --disable-hmac
Disable message integrity authentication
-C --cors
Enable support for cross-origin resource
Enable RabbitMQ messaging middleware
--amqp-host=HOST RabbitMQ host [host]
-i[FILE] --pipelines[=FILE]
Read request pipelines from external
file [config. file]
-s PORT --port=PORT server port
-l[FILE] --access-log[=FILE] Enable logging to file [log file]
--colors Use colors in log output
--size=SIZE log file size
-h HOST --db-host=HOST database host
-d DB --db-name=DB database name
-u USER --db-user=USER database user
-p PASS --db-password=PASS database password
-P PORT --db-port=PORT database port
-r FILE --routes-file=FILE route pattern configuration file
-t --trust-localhost
Bypass HMAC authentication for
requests from localhost
Number of connections to keep in
PostgreSQL connection pool
--verbose Print various debug information to stdout


Many of these settings have sensible default values.

Option Value
AMQP user “guest”
AMQP password “guest”
Server port 3010
Log file “log/access.log”
Log size 4,096 bytes
DB-host “localhost”
DB-name “trombone”
DB-user “postgres”
DB-password “postgres”
DB-port 5432
Pipelines file “pipelines.conf”
Pool size 10